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Building A Successful Restaurant

successful restaurant happy employee

Are you thinking about opening your own restaurant? Have you begun planning your new business venture? If not, here are some simple ways to check if you’re heading in the right direction in opening a successful restaurant:

  • Do You Love What You Do?
    • When starting a new business, there should always be an intention. Often times people look to work with something they’re passionate about. If you are passionate and take pride in your work, working will be pleasurable. In turn, you will be able to provide your employees and customers with a comfortable and happy experience.
  • Do You Have a Business Plan?
    • It’s been shown that businesses that open with a business plan are more successful than those that don’t. Business plans allow you to project the course of your success by predicting and measuring of budget and capital.
  • Have You Picked the Right Location?
    • This decision can easily turn a great restaurant into a vacant space or a shabby restaurant into a bustling establishment. Take the time to properly research different areas and demographics in your city when making this decision. Think about who your desired customer is and ask yourself: Where do they live? Where do they work? Where do they spend their free time? What’s the up-and-coming area? Who’s my competition in that area?
  • Have You Received Any Feedback?
    • Consider offering a food tasting. Test your menu with a sample of nonbiased people in the area. Create an atmosphere where critique and open conversation is welcomed and encouraged. This will help you learn to listen to your consumer and improve your food to appeal to your desired customer. This is also a great way to market your restaurant.

March 3rd Is Employee Appreciation Day!

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day, and this month it happens to fall on March 3rd! There are many ways to recognize your employees, and many businesses are spreading their employee gratitude nationwide.

ways to recognize employee appreciation

Here are some great ideas to extend appreciation to your employees this Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Offer a complimentary breakfast or lunch. Employees love being fed, so buying breakfast or lunch for your employees is a simple way to say “thanks!” Gather around for a company breakfast or lunch and get to know your employees better. Make sure to also keep up to date on birthdays, anniversaries, special accomplishments, etc.
  • Help your employees out by giving them a helping hand on Employee Appreciation Day. Assist your employees with their duties, and take a slight load off of their work day by offering them assistance in their tasks.
  • Offer them the chance to be the boss for the day! This may also benefit the company overall by allowing employees to voice their opinions and offer up new ideas for the business that haven’t been heard of yet by management.
  • Provide employees with minute gifts, such as a thank-you note or a small present. Small and thoughtful gestures are always great and quick ways of saying thanks!
  • Give them time off this Employee Appreciation Day by perhaps allowing employees to arrive late to work or by going home early. Or even extending their lunch break by an hour or two. Taking away an hour or two from the work day may prove to also be very beneficial for your employees’ productivities.


Here at Linen Finder, we are very grateful for our employees this month, as well as every month. We are always finding ways to promote teamwork, as well as incorporate small gestures of gratitude for our employees!

How to Write Great Blogs that People Actually Want to Read

Do you find yourself struggling to write blogs for your company, and do not know where to look for inspiration? Is your view count for your blog site 1 person, yourself? If so, don’t worry we’ve got your back. We have created a step-by-step guide in writing fun and exciting blogs.

how to write great blogs

First, figure out what your readers want. You should have a solid understanding of what they want to see, learn about, and indulge in. Like most, businesses in the linen, mat, and textile fields have to cater to their audience. Writing blogs which are dedicated towards a business that requires these products will produce a greater outcome. However, not all businesses want to read about towels all the time. Spice up your blogs by discussing topics, other than renting quality towels and linens, that business owners care about. For instance, if you are a mat rental service catering to businesses such as restaurants, ditch the kitchen mat blog topics. Some fun blogs that they may enjoy are how to design a menu, ways to increase restaurant profit, or waiter team building tips. They will enjoy reading your blogs that are geared towards their restaurants’ different and changing needs.


Another great way to write amazing blogs is to add visuals. Attach fun videos, pictographs, and art that your readers will enjoy. A blog doesn’t always have to be all words, words, words. This leads us to our next point…


It is vital to write an adequate amount of words in your blogs in order for Google to read it, determine there is substantial content and that it holds relevant information. Although there are other metrics Google uses to determine the relevance of the information for ranking, having enough quality content is the first step. We strive for at least 300 words per blog, which is not too long where readers lose interest, but it’s typically just long enough to get the point across. Having a nice balance of word count is very important for a blog.


Follow these three easy steps, and your blogs will receive a larger amount of views!

How to Follow Through with New Year Resolutions for Businesses

At the start of the year, everyone comes up with a few resolutions they would like to try and work on to better themselves for the upcoming year. Although resolutions are typically seen as more of a personal and individual tradition, businesses may make a list of resolutions as well. This list can consist of ideas that the team or company as a whole would like to implement or change in the upcoming year. This exercise functions as a way to see what employees and managers envision for the company. When top management goes to plan for the year, they are then able to see if what the employees are visualizing coincides with the company’s goals and strategies. Business’s New Year resolutions also indirectly serve as good team-building exercises. It often helps team members feel more included and important, and builds team morale by giving employees improvements and possibilities to look forward to achieving.

new year resolutions for businesses

Some examples of resolutions could be to improve communication within the business or to become more organized. Other resolutions may be more goal or discipline-specific. It is important for companies to not only come up with a list, but to also construct a platform, or to provide the right tools, for companies to successfully accomplish their resolutions throughout the year.


In addition to utilizing tools and techniques, in order for companies to follow through with these New Year’s Resolutions, employees individually need to put in effort just as they would for their personal resolutions. Employees must work toward these things in order for the resolution to be successful. Some ideas to help a business follow through would be to actively conduct more team-building exercises promoting collaboration and team spirit. These efforts often help employees feel happier at work.  Another way would be to openly communicate new ideas with staff throughout the year, not just during the month of January.  This can be achieved through weekly team meetings where the entire staff discusses progress on their resolutions and gives any advice on how it can be better achieved.


Linen Finder’s Tools and New Year Resolutions

At Linen Finder, we find it very helpful to hold weekly team meetings every Monday morning. This helps us stay up to date with everyone’s work and different projects. It provides us the opportunity to make sure we all know what is happening in the office, and gives us time to discuss any new updates going on.

Why Your Business Needs Linen Service

Many businesses can benefit from having a professional linen service. No matter what industry, there are guaranteed to be linen needs. The hospitality and food and beverage industries, including restaurants and hotels, have an obvious need for linen services. Sheets, towels, aprons, uniforms, floor mats, and facility services are necessary to keep those businesses running. Healthcare facilities also have an inherent need for linen services. Among other items, they need bed linens and towels for their patients as well as patient gowns, lab coats, and scrubs. However, other industries can benefit from these linen services as well. For instance, any business that needs uniforms for their staff or floor mats for their business can benefit from these services.

restaurant quality service


  • Linen services can benefit your business by increasing the efficiency of the business, providing convenience, and making sure that your items are cleaned properly.
  • Linen services increase the efficiency of your business by making sure your employees can focus on more important things. The time it takes to maintain all of the linen at your business can take up a large chunk of time from an employee’s day, with a linen service you can make sure this time is spent in a better way. A linen service would also cut back on the amount of equipment you would need to maintain at your business.
  • Linen services provide convenience with pickup and delivery services. When you outsource your linen, the process is simplified for your business.
  • Quality Linen services make sure your items are properly cleaned every time. They have the proper equipment and materials necessary to clean all different types of fabrics and linens.


Linen Finder can match your business with the right professional quality linen service provider. Whether your business is small or large, our providers’ services will meet your needs. They offer linen services for the hospitality and healthcare industries, as well as uniforms and mat programs for any business. Feel free to contact us today by calling us at 888-770-2489.