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Linen Finder, Inc acquires


December 11, 2014, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mat Rentals – Safety Starts from the Ground Up

Linen Finder, Inc. has acquired the premium domain name,  This website will assist business owners and managers in locating a quality floor mat rental company in their area absolutely free.  Mats are essential to employee and customer safety, as well as offer unique branding opportunities.  The newest additional to Linen Finder’s web properties will officially be launched in the coming weeks.

Choosing to do business with a company when you have limited information is unnerving. Selecting a quality floor mat rental company can also be time consuming and often difficult to find. Linen Finder goes above and beyond researching floor mat services in the U.S. and Canada to hand select the best local providers in the industry to serve businesses. These companies have passed the company rigorous screening process, which is a primary factor for prospects who use Linen Finder’s websites.

For your company’s floor mat needs there is only one place you can trust to connect you with quality, selection and style at fair pricing:  Mat Rentals, A Linen Finder Company.

Mat Rentals, A Linen Finder Company

Linen Finder Loves Halloween!


The costumes and trick-or-treaters are only a part of the reason we love Halloween!  Halloween allows even the most uptight folks to let loose and display their creativity.

Here’s how we get down as we prepare for our Linen Finder Halloween!  (YES, this is last year’s video – we liked it that much)

Beware the Linen Service Magic Price Wand

Abracadabra! A simple wave of the magic price wand… and Poof – your linen prices have been raised!

Woah, I just signed the contract less than a year ago.  Can they do that and without warning?   What is being taken to the cleaners, my laundry or my business? (yeah, pun was completely intended).

Super Cheap Linen Service Prices

The Linen Service Magic Price Wand

Profiteering & Price Gouging in Linen and Uniform Services.  Unbelievable but true.  So how does this happen?  Well, a couple of ways actually.

Price Gouging happens in many industries.  For example, during natural disasters gasoline stations raise their prices knowing the consumer has limited options.  They need gas to get around. If they are one of the stations that were not affected by the events they will seize the opportunity to raise prices. Luckily there are government regulations that help prevent this from happening. However this is a shady, dark and dirty area for many laundries.

With linen service a major event does not need to occur in order to merit a price increase. Here comes the magic wand again. POOF!  BAM!  KAPOW!   Your linen service company has just raised your prices again! Hold up, BAM, AGAIN!? The answer is yes. Unless specific increases are written into your contact the linen service company can increase your prices… just like that.

How can you protect yourself? A reputable linen service company will be established and come with good references to back them up. These companies have been in business for many years and do not want to lose their community goodwill. But how do you know if a linen service company is really who they say they are?  That’s where we can help.  We’ve already done the homework for you.  We have excellent relationships with companies all over the U.S. and Canada to meet your business’s linen service needs.  Act now to receive a Free Quote from Linen Service today!

The Linen Finder Approved Company & Supplier Badge

Linen Service and Uniform Supplier Badge

The Linen Finder Approved Supplier Badge

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We’re excited to introduce our official The Linen Finder Approved Company & Supplier Badge.  This certification signals to businesses and potential customers that a particular linen or uniform service  has met the criteria to be affiliated with Linen Finder.
Get the criteria and full details for the program on Linen Finder’s network of company websites:


Happy Halloween from Linen Finder

Don’t end up with a Spooky Linen and Uniform Company! Avoid MONSTER Price Increases, GHOULISH Product Quality & GHOSTLY Service!

Come visit us at Linen Service or Uniform Rental! We don’t bite (too hard). You’ll also see with our Halloween video – we like to have some fun too!

Happy Halloween from Linen Finder