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7 Ways a Hotel Keeps Its Linens and Towels Fresh and Clean

There is nothing better than sliding into fresh, crisp, white sheets in a lovely hotel room at the end of the day. Have you ever wondered how hotels keep its linens and towels fresh and clean? Hotels can go through hundreds of sets of sheets and towels a day. These hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast locations use a combination of fast maintenance and gentle care to ensure the long life and cleanliness of linens. Apply these seven principles used by hotels to extend the life of your household sheets, towels, and blankets.

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If You Like Your Linen Service Plan, You Can Keep Your Linen Service Plan ~ Maybe

It’s hard to avoid the healthcare discussion if you’re a functioning member of society.  As a company serving most industries in North America, we certainly don’t want to engage in this debate.  However, there are things we can learn from how this plan has played out.  The roll out of the Affordable Care Act over the last year can teach us about selecting a linen, uniform or towel service.

We can just call it Obamacare, right?  I mean, it is recognized officially by my iPhone auto correct.  iPhone auto correct is sort of like the 2014 Webster dictionary.

Hiring a Linen or Uniform Service?  Do Your Homework!

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Quality Healthcare Uniform Rental Services and Medical Uniforms

Healthcare Uniform Rental Services:  Complete solutions for your Hospital, Clinic or Healthcare Facility staff.

Healthcare uniform rentals provide advanced, productive, cost effective solutions to your hospital’s uniform needs. These items must be processed with the right equipment and systems.  The most qualified healthcare laundries use precautionary delivery systems, proper soil care, shuttle conveyors and safe route storage.  Prior to the washing process, every uniform is carefully inspected for loose items such as pens, receipts and other things frequently items found in medical wear.  The laundry and cleaning process commences with a hand touch, individual attention and machine counting.

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That’s Not What I Ordered For My Restaurant! True Linen Service Stories

Linen service companies can make their service and products look very appealing, but what they dish out can be completely different.  They can show you items from a catalog that can look like the exact items you want for your restaurant, while offering them at a price that seems more than reasonable.  Sounds good so far right?

Man Wrapped in Caution Tape

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Uniform Prices Keep Going Up

Uniform Services: A Consistent, Reliable And Affordable Answer To Your Company’s Uniform Needs

Linen and fabric prices are constantly rising. Cotton has increased over 45% since last year. This is just one aspect of the problem that the textile industry is facing; the major problem is getting the fabric! The textile industry is plagued with various problems right now from rising fabric prices to increasing transport prices.

Linen fabric is made from natural fibers popularly known as the flax fibre. Linen has again become popular, in clothing, due to its smooth and supple texture. It has a higher absorption quality; in addition the fabric can be worn in a hot and humid weather too. When your employees are adorned in linen uniforms, they feel good, as the fabric is not sticky. Moreover, the uniforms can be stitched with ease.

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