Uniform Services

Uniform Services: Assists in Marketing Your Brand’s Image

There are numerous areas that can help to enhance your company’s performance and image in the customer’s mind. One of those significant areas is appearance. Appearance is an influential design constituent that assists in creating an impression.

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Uniform Services – A Great Solution

Uniform Services: A Consistent, Reliable And Affordable Answer To Your Company’s Uniform Needs

Linen and fabric prices are constantly rising. Cotton has increased over 45% since last year. This is just one aspect of the problem that the textile industry is facing; the major problem is getting the fabric! The textile industry is plagued with various problems right now from rising fabric prices to increasing transport prices.

Linen fabric is made from natural fibers popularly known as the flax fibre. Linen has again become popular, in clothing, due to its smooth and supple texture. It has a higher absorption quality; in addition the fabric can be worn in a hot and humid weather too. When your employees are adorned in linen uniforms, they feel good, as the fabric is not sticky. Moreover, the uniforms can be stitched with ease.

The linen fabric is an exclusive, expensive and high quality material. Treated linen fabric which is nowadays used to make uniforms comprises of cotton, rayon, and polyester. It is used in manufacturing clothes and uniforms to improve the quality and decrease the effects of fading and shrinking.

The price, quality and durability are the top three most important things when you’re thinking of purchasing any kind of clothing item. The prices of linen fabrics are based on the quality, color, type of treatment, and exclusivity.

Uniform services present a good option to satisfy your businesses uniform needs. These services supply professional uniforms to all industries right from healthcare facilities to companies to the small restaurants, resorts as well as luxury hotels.

Uniform rental services are a one-stop shop with a range of products and services. These companies have an online uniform ordering system which allows you to place your order through the website in advance and get delivered to your doorstep.

The uniform services also provide a proper fitting and tailoring function that too free of cost. Their professional service personnel design a perfect uniform for every employee as keeping in mind the right look for men and women based on your company’s or organizations requirements.

Most of these companies do not charge any upfront fee as you don’t have to purchase the uniforms these are uniform rental companies.

These services offer weekly/monthly supplies of uniforms or as requested by the company. Uniform supply companies inspect, provide replacement of damaged uniforms. They also undertake stitching, repairing, alterations in the sizes of uniforms.

Their dedicated service personnel are happy to arrange for additional uniform delivery as per demand of the service seeker company. The uniform services cover an extensive area.

Uniform rental services provide a compatible access, user friendly as per the demand and order, round the clock skilled service providers at your service. The uniforms provided by these services are in compliance with the set hygiene standards. These companies have a state of art order processing system to guarantee a consistent customer satisfaction of the highest standard. They are coupled with a transparent invoicing system to provide you with a reliable and honest service.

Uniform services are committed to creating customized hassle free uniform solutions for their customers

What Really Goes Into A Linen Rental and Laundry Service

Even though we work with quality linen, uniform and napkin service companies we rarely handle the products ourselves.  Well sure enough we got a shipment of linens delivered right to our office and had the pleasure of working in blood, sweat and tears (perhaps a small exaggeration) while laundering the linens and folding all 267 (that’s an approximate #) of them by hand.

We already know linen service companies work extremely hard to provide quality services to their customers but having done this task ourselves has given us an even greater appreciation of the work they do on a daily basis.  This also proves that any business can benefit from a quality linen service, even ours!

Well that turned out to be a task and a half.

We’ll definitely leave this up to our pro’s next time.

Folding linen napkins


Anchorage Alaska Linen and Uniform Service Companies

Linen & Uniform Service in Anchorage AlaskaAnchorage is Alaska’s most populous city, containing 41 percent of the state’s population. Anchorage is the center of Alaska’s communication, transportation, healthcare, finance, and trade industries. With a growing workforce, businesses continue to flourish throughout Anchorage.

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Frustrated Business Owners Tired of Late Deliveries and No-Shows

Chefs Tired of Waiting for their DeliveryWe receieve calls and online inquiries on a regular basis of customers who are fed up with their linen service provider.   The biggest complaints are from late deliveries or even worse – no delivery at all!  Frustrated business owners and managers are tired of waiting for deliveries that are late, short on supplies or are complete no-shows.  Even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal to be out of clean towels, it is – especially when  you don’t even have a towel to wipe down the table tops where customers eat.  (Mmmm…delicious…no.)

The worst is when you call and speak to someone whether it is the salesman who signed your account or a member in their customer service department and they tell you, someone will be there soon…and guess what…no one shows (we are shocked too!).  So now that you’re all riled up remembering these awful scenarios we answer the oh so important question – Why do linen service companies no-show or not deliver when they say they will?  There are many different factors that can cause this problem.  Here are some of the most common reasons why linen service companies fail their customers:

1.  Not enough product –  If the linen service provider is fresh out of towels they would be unable to provide them to your business.  This is not a valid excuse – if the company is aware they are short on supplies they should remedy the situation immediately to provide prompt and timely service to their customers.

2.  High Employee Turnover – Perhaps they have the items but they are short staffed when it comes to loading their trucks or have a high turnover of drivers.  If that is the case it would be difficult to get their products to customers.  A company with high employee turnover should be a large red flag.  There is a reason why their employees keep leaving, do you really want to stick around and find out why?

3.  Disorganization – So they have the products and the employees but items are still not being delivered.  This makes us question – How long has the company been in business? This can be a huge factor if you have new owners who have little to no experience in the industry.  If they are unable to streamline their process in-house, how will they be able to fulfill their commitment to your business?

4.  Service Area – Is your business out of their way?  If they don’t have enough accounts on your route you are in danger of being dropped as a client at any moment.  Is your service already struggling with getting timely deliveries because of this?  It may be time to start shopping for new service.

5.  Odd Hours – Is your delivery time inconvenient with your current linen service providers schedule?  Are they unable to accommodate your needs?

6.  Special Requests – Another issue with many sub-par linen services is the fact that many of their sales reps & customer service employees do not advise their drivers of special requests that their customers place.  A disconnect in communication can cause interruption of timely deliveries.

The linen and uniform service providers we work with have gone through a rigorous pre-screening process by our company.  We ensure that their current customers are satisfied with the items as well as the service they are receiving.  Our providers are there for you when you need them the most, and will stick with you until all your needs are met.

Ready to start a new life with a new service and ditch the missing deliveries?  Contact us today by calling 888-770-2489 or visiting our website.

Our Linen and uniform providers won’t treat your products like this (unless that’s what your looking for):