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Medical Laundry Service | Medical Linen and Laundry Rentals

Medical Laundry Service

In the medical world, there is a lot of laundry services that need attending to: sheets, pillowcases, towels, patient apparel, staff scrubs and lab coats; just to name a few. This is where Linen Finder’s Medical Laundry Service comes into play. The right healthcare laundry company will handle account right from the start. Are you familiar with stained product, wrinkled sheets, unpressed uniforms, late deliveries or shortage of products? The medical linen companies the Linen Finder works with will quickly turn these problems into solutions. The following are some of the many things that Linen Finder’s Medical Laundry Service companies can offer hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

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What Is The Point Of Having A Hotel Linen Service Company?

Hotels are a perfect remedy to modern, hectic life. To begin the new life with excitement and joy the newlyweds head to hotel’s for honeymoon. Many couples on their honeymoon often stay at hotels and expect the hotel to supply them with world class quality hotel linen.

The choice of a couple’s honeymoon suite and hotel depends on the class, quality of the linen and facilities. Couples expect absolute pleasure and luxury in their private suites on their honeymoon.

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How Can A Commercial Linen Service Benefit Your Business?

A Commercial Linen Service Company stocks a customer with a supply of linens in accordance to the needs of their business.  The dirty linens are picked up, laundered and a new shipment of fresh linens is delivered so that a business owner avoids the cost of purchasing and washing linens.  Towels, aprons, uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, mops, bed linens, scrubs, mats and other uniforms are all products that may be rented.

Commercial Linen Service Company


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Resort Laundering Services- A Real Getaway from Operational Headaches

Resorts are a great way to escape and relax from the hectic lifestyle. People often prefer to go to the resorts to refresh their body and soul. Your guests often judge your establishment by the cleanliness of your bed linen, towels, table linens, floor mats, and uniforms of your employees.

Resort Laundry Services provide local convenience and the quick turn around of quality products. Clean, pressed linens, laundered with the proper amounts of starch are qualities your hotel guests will surely notice. Excellent stain release and fade resistant chemicals are factors your customers might not notice, but your staff surely will. Proper laundry care will also reduce the amount of new linen you need to purchase over time. Crisp whites and sharp colors will make staying in your resort different from the other local hotels and resorts who are just trying to “keep up with the linen load”.

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Want To Know Why A Medical Linen Service Is So Important?

dentist office

If you need help finding a quality healthcare laundry in your area, please visit our medical linen service page or call us today at 888.770.2489.

Medical Linen Service is one of the most delicate laundry services offered in the industry. The risk of passing on bacteria can lead directly to infections and disease through soiled linens. To keep your medical linen meeting OSHA and cleanliness regulations, it is a good idea to have an experienced medical laundry service handle such items. This service includes pick-up and delivery of highly delicate medical linen and uniforms such as flat and/or fitted sheets, towels, patient gowns and medical staff uniforms from medical scrubs to lab coats. It is essential that medical sheets, towels and gowns to be made of quality fabrics, while also sanitized appropriately to ensure a patient’s comfort and safety.

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