As a business owner, you’re responsible for the safety of your employees and your clients or guests. We’ve got some articles for you to read.

The Significance of Quality Medical Linen Services & Laundries that Provide Them

Medical linen and health care laundries are a significant part of the nation’s hospital systems. These items are used on millions of patients and medical staff daily. They are used in bed sheets, lab coats, patient gowns, surgical towels, employee scrubs and more. Medical linen helps provide a healthy, sterile environment. Re-usable laundered items (vs. disposables) are also far more gentle on our environment by reducing waste; not to mention patients prefer them to rough paper against the skin. Linen is the only accepted material used for internal sutures and are fully used in operating rooms.

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How to Research a Linen and Uniform Company

linen and uniform company featured

Working with a new company can be scary. How do you know you’re working with a legitimate company? How do you know that they’re honest in their business practices? Essentially, how do you know that you can trust them? If you don’t do your research when it comes to linen and uniform companies, you could get locked into a contract that you don’t really understand.

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You’re still doing wash? Why? Medical Linen Rentals!

There is a popular saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  Shouldn’t you place a task this important with a company who focuses exclusively on this principal?  It is one of the most important elements required to run a medical facility, surgery center or hospital- yet usually accounts for less than 4% of the costs.

doctors in scubs and lab coats

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Commercial Laundry Services & Companies- Great Solutions for Your Business

Don’t you still process your laundry in house?  Life is too short for laundry.  Commercial laundry services present fresh, quality products at economic prices.  They provide energy efficient solutions and eco-friendly processes to service your company’s laundry requirements.

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Restaurant Linen: A Simple and Easy Way To Attract Customers

Linen for Restaurant and Cafe Owners
Every restaurant owner’s dream is to satisfy the customers and bring them back to their restaurant. One of the most vital parts of running a hospitality business besides customer satisfaction is the ambiance and look of the restaurant. Running an sit down eatery is an extremely competitive, low margin business. Therefore, it is crucial to decorate the eatery well to draw more customers.

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